Sunday, May 10, 2009

Social Atyachar

( The songs mentioned in the last blog are from Richie sambora's "stranger in this town" and Bon Jovi's "Bounce")

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busy chatting about old times, planning future get-togethers’, the upcoming marriages etc. I was happy that not many had much of a chance to question me about my life n work. After a long time I’ve felt good meeting so many relatives.

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was in self exile for a few years before deciding to settle down in Chennai .

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me cos we’ve been through those bad times and now trying to resurrect our lives.


of the social Atyachar..
Mat had a few tough years but he was doing relatively well as per my knowledge, but he had a terrible breakdown last week. Ive seen and heard of many cases of depression in the past 2-3 months. Im not talking about the filmy depression, but the one caused by the social atyachar.

Mat was one of those real intelligent ,well read guys, but unfortunately todays world is not ready to acknowledge, respect or recognize a man's worth (unless it is transformed to social status,materialistic n monetary figures).He couldn’t stand this social atyachar anymore. We live in a world where ethics is only on paper. There are very few Men around.

I hear Richie and his band singing……
“ These days are fast, Nothing lasts, in this graceless age..
………..There aint nobody left to take the blame
There aint nobody left but us these days..”

I believed a boy turns into a Man when he stands on his own, living his life straight without stealing or begging and he realizes the same when the ‘mind is without fear and the head is held high’.

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society judges only the end and not the means to it.

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All they can do is look up and ask “Why me”. Around them are happy smiling faces of so-called successful men and women and they wonder
“ Are we that bad ? , Do they deserve this more than us ?, How can I be like them without shifting from my priorities and ethics ?, When will this tide change?......”

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  1. Hey man thts from Dev D_ emotional atyachar

  2. society sees only result not the means but wrong ways gives only wrong results

  3. Mr dreamer do u mean to say tht right means will not give right results ?

  4. Nowadays people with talents struggle a lot. But, end of the day, talent wins.

    I think people like Varun and Mats should stop complaining, "why me?" and start thinking, "why not me too?"

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